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Script: tomaxxiPLACE® 2 / Choose Object Style while Placing

Well, just two days after releasing tomaxxiPLACE® I realized that it can be done way more easily and efficiently! 😀 So, here it comes, new version of tomaxxiPLACE®!

So, what’s so special about this “new version”?

First, there is no more floating palette with list of Object Styles! Woohoo! 😀 Now, there is menu item where you Enable or Disable tomaxxiPLACE® and it will also remember enable/disable state even after restarting! The script is now StartUp type, so you need to copy it to Startup scripts folder. Menu item will appear in Object and Object Styles panel menu (see screenshots) and it’s totally localized! Next, you can use any style from Object Styles, not just top-level ones!

How to use/install?

  • Download the script
  • Copy script to Startup scripts folder
  • Start or restart InDesign
  • Locate menu item in Object or Object Styles panel menu
  • Click Enable tomaxxiPLACE®
  • Load PlaceGun with files
  • Select desired Object Style
  • Place

So easy and effective! Remember, you can change Object Style while placing!

Have fun! 😀


Version 2.3, 14/01/2011, InDesign CS5 only!

New updated version available! Fixed some localization typos.

Special thanks goes to Pierre Labbe and Jean-Claude Tremblay for script testing and also for menu items localization suggestion! Thank you!

  1. January 13, 2011 at 14:04

    Bonjour Marijan,
    Cette version est super (en Français en plus). Bravo, joli travail.
    Personnellement, j’utilise les deux versions.
    La version 1.2 me permet de conserver le style graphique par défaut. Il y a un accès plus rapide pour choisir le style à appliquer (j’ai fait un petit panneau avec Configurator pour utiliser plus facilement).
    Dans la version 2, l’idéal serait de pouvoir activer/désactiver le style à appliquer directement par clic droit sur son nom dans le panneau Style d’objet, sans avoir à le définir comme style par défaut (peut-être la version 3).

  2. February 9, 2011 at 01:02

    Love it! What I love the most is that it works with multiple images AND it supports Frame Fitting Options settings fully… that means that when you set those to Fill Frame Proportionately and you Shift+Click-drag with the loaded place-cursor you no longer get InDesign’s default Fit Content Proportionately setting ! … Will demo for the InDesign User Group members in Perth tonight 🙂

    • February 26, 2011 at 13:15

      Thank you Cari! I’m glad you find it useful and helpful! 🙂 Yes, because Frame Fitting Options are part of the Object Style, and that’s why it’s automatically applied.
      By the way, you can change default InDesign’s Fitting Option 🙂 Simply close all documents and go to Object -> Fitting -> Frame Fitting Options… and set your preferred settings. From now on, every new document will use that setting 🙂 That’s it!

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