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QuickTip: Check if a number is even or odd

How to check if a number is even or odd? We can use Modulus operator (%), which returns the remainder of a division operation. If you divide some number by two, a remainder of 0 indicates an even number, while a remainder of 1 indicates an odd number. Best and easiest way is to create ‘Number’ prototype.

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Import Styles from file

Do you want to import styles from other document through scripting? It’s really easy to achieve, and you also have control about overwriting styles with same name. Also, you can import all kind of styles, you are not limited to just Paragraph or Character styles. We will take a look to the style ‘importStyles()’, but I also prepared short example how to implement it in dialog. Also, keep in mint that we can import to the document or to the application. So, let’s get started! 🙂

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Find/change missing font with scripting

Does this image looks familiar?! Do you want to change missing font through scripting? Then I have good news for you, it can be done really fast and easy! We are going to look easiest way for retrieving missing fonts from document, and also I will share this script integrated into dialog and font selector. This idea came up to me yesterday while I was studying ‘BeforePrint.jsx’ from Scripting guide that you can download from Adobe InDesgin scripting page. Also, Marc Autret posted script on Adobe’s InDesign Scripting forum for changing missing fonts inside styles, so be sure you check it! So, let’s get started! 🙂

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