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Selecting multiple table rows/columns

Here is short script for selecting multiple rows in table. This will create ‘visible’ selection. This script is also published on Adobe’s InDesign scripting forum but I found some parts on other sites too.

First example shows how to select first 5 rows:

myTable = app.selection[0].tables[0];
myRows = 5;

for (var i = 0; i <= myRows - 1; i++){
    if (i==0){

Now, we can copy selected rows with app.copy();, and then paste it in other text frame with app.paste();. If you want to clear selection after copying, you can do this:

app.selection = NothingEnum.NOTHING;

If we have for example header rows, we just alter line 2 to receive headerRowsCount:

myRows = myTable.headerRowCount;

And for the end, we can create function that selects rows based on our input of first row and number of rows that we want to select:

function rowSelecting(firstRow,rowCount){
    for (var i = 0; i <= rowCount-1; i++){
        if (i==0){


var myTable = app.selection[0].tables[0];

If we want to do same, but with columns, we simply change myTable.rows with myTable.columns and that’s it. Have fun! 😀

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