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Change cursor key keyboard increment

For many years I worked just with CorelDRAW and one thing I really liked and I used to was changing cursor key keyboard increment. Unfortunately InDesign doesn’t allow me to change that setting, without going into Preferences. So, I decided to try to create script, with simple dialog box where I can input number, and change setting. This was my very first InDesign script 😀

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Selecting multiple table rows/columns

Here is short script for selecting multiple rows in table. This will create ‘visible’ selection. This script is also published on Adobe’s InDesign scripting forum but I found some parts on other sites too.

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Rounding numbers in JavaScript

Very often we need to round some numbers, and Javascript has function to round numbers, but sometimes it’s not working very good. Luckily we can round number through math functions. First, let’s see how to use built-in Javascript functions. This script was also published on Adobe’s InDesign scripting forum. I collected some more info’s and combined them all into this post.

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