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Change “greek below” setting

Few weeks ago someone asked on Adobe’s InDesign scripting forum how to change ‘greek below’ settings through script, and I want to share it here also. This time, it’s my snippet 😉 As you probably know there are three ‘Display performance’ settings and ‘greek below’ can be set separately for each ‘Display performance’ settings.

Let’s first retrieve ‘greek below’ settings from preferences.

var getGreek = app.displaySettings[0].greekBelow;

You probably noticed square brackets, we meet Arrays again 😀 Every ‘Display performance’ setting has his own Array index.

Fast display:

var getGreek = app.displaySettings[0].greekBelow;

Typical display:

var getGreek = app.displaySettings[1].greekBelow;

High Quality display:

var getGreek = app.displaySettings[2].greekBelow;

So, let’s now apply new setting. We want to change ‘greek below’ for Typical display setting to 10pt:

app.displaySettings[1].greekBelow = 10;

That’s it, pretty easy, and fast to do.

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