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Search inside array

With this script we can search inside Array. This is not quite InDesign snippet and can be used in every Javascript. I really like approach to search problem, and want to share it with you. Script is not mine, I just found it on web long time ago.

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Delete guides in document

Guides are very good helpers when you work but sometimes we want to get rid of all guides. It’s easy when you have few pages, with one layer, but if you have 100+ pages, with hundreds of guides, it can become a pain to remove all of them.

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Number of objects in selection

This is one of things that I’m missing in InDesign! When you have selection, there is no way to see how many objects do you have selected! Even ‘Info Panel’ doesn’t show object count! But, there is easy way to achieve this with scripting. 😀 Of course you can use this in your script to loop through all selected objects for example.

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Document swatches selector

Like I said in previous post, ‘Find colored words‘, we will create swatches selector. This is not my script, and I will credit author on the end of this post. You can find this post on Adobe’s InDesign scripting forum. So let’s get started.

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Find colored words

Let’s say you have script and you need to create loop, but, loop count depends on special color word count. Here is little snippet for counting words in color of your choice.

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