Archive for July 24, 2010

Find embedded images

This is not my script, but I find it really handy! It searches through all links in document and finds just embedded links and push them into Array.

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Search links file names

Like we did searching through paragraph style names, in this little snippet we will search through links file names.

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Group all/selected items on page

Moving, scaling, rotating group of objects is always easier. InDesign CS5 is much better with editing grouped objects. Even with scripting, if you want to rotate 4 selected frames, you have to go through loop and rotate each of them, but not if objects are grouped! Let’s see how to group selected or all objects on current page or layer.

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Search paragraph style names

Well, here is something very handy. With this script you can search through your paragraph style names.

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Rotate single selected object

First, let’s clear how InDesign is working with selections. Selections are always in Arrays. So, first object in Array has index 0, second object is 1, and so on. For now, we are going to take a look just how to rotate a single object.

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